small business accountants

Accounting and tax

We agree. Accounting is boring, complex and rarely painless. Unfortunately, it's also a legal requirement from which there is usually no escape.

Whilst we cannot promise to make it any more thrilling, we have made it our mission to make accountancy more accessible to our clients. A lot more accessible.

We aim to achieve this by providing affordable, remote and streamlined services. This means insisting on a jargon-free zone, offering plain English advice, simplifying the record keeping process and minimising paperwork.

Our clients

We specialise in serving small businesses and individuals, including NHS locums (which amongst others, includes GPs, hospital doctors and pharmacists), contractors and taxi/private hire drivers and operators.

Remote services

The majority of our clients opt for our remote services.

Remote what? Don't worry, it's simple…

Instead of limiting our services to face-to-face meetings, like expensive high street accountants, we deliver our services via the internet and telephone.

This means:

Local services

Alternatively, we are based in Redhill, Surrey and offer traditional face-to-face accounting services to local clients. And if you prefer not to use cloud-based accounting software, we can cater for that too.

Our fees

By serving the majority of our clients remotely, we are able to keep our fees low without compromising quality.

Our fees start at just £299 +VAT for self assessment, annual accounts and advice for taxi/private hire drivers.

What's more, our fees are always fixed and based on the volume, complexity and nature of the work. So for an estimate, please contact us for an initial consultation and an assessment of your needs.

Our accountants

Our accountants are fully qualified and are experienced in public, private industry and practice sectors. They hold practising certificates from their respective chartered institutions and are fully insured.

You can learn more about our services through the menu on the left, or by contacting us to arrange a no-obligation, time-unlimited and free consultation.