Learn Excel

Whether you are new to spreadsheets or an experienced professional, New Tangent offers unique opportunities to dramatically improve your skills, productivity and value.

Our courses are designed to inspire, encourage and support our clients, whilst equipping them with the knowledge to confidently apply Excel to their specific needs.

So whether you wish to learn Excel to keep simple records, prepare budgets, analyse financial data, create dazzling charts or automate repetitive tasks, New Tangent has you covered.

Absolute beginners should look at our newbie course. Those with basic knowledge may wish to consider our intermediate apprentice course. More confident clients will no doubt be interested in our advanced wizard course. While the black-belt ninja types amongst you, should look no further than our VBA course.

Training can be delivered on-site or near-site, to private individuals or organisations, anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales.

We also offer a FREE Excel course to unemployed British adults aged between 18 and 22 years, and residing in England.